Wide range of Roller Skates in market

The popularity of roller stakes all over the world has made them available in many sports stores. One can easily purchase skates according to his requirements. Roller skates come in wide variety offered by various sports companies. You can even buy them from various online stores which are reliable and authentic. One of such online roller skates store is figureskatingstore.com, they offer a great variety of roller skates with easy shipping and return policy.

Roller skates offered falls under two categories:

  1. Quad Roller Skates: one of the best skates to run over dry surface. These roller skates are traditional skates with two skates in front and two at back. They have a rubber break in front that helps for a quick and easy stop. The designing of these roller skates help in proper balancing and the special ankle support make them popular and safe among young kids. Quad skates don’t wobble sideways. Quad skates require very minimal training or experience to ride on and little effort in order to gain speed. These skates are ideal for indoor skating. These categories of skates offer further choices to make from. When choosing quad skates it is important to identify its usage. All roller skates under this category are made with almost same structural elements however, the design can vary according to purpose. Few examples are:
  • Outdoor quad stakes
  • Indoor quad skates
  • Artistic quad skates
  • Speed quad skates
  • Derby quad skates
  • Jam quad skates
  • Recreational quad skates
  1. Inline Skates: these skates are used for inline skating. These skates have two to five wheels arranged in a single line by a metal or plastic frame on the underside of the boot. These roller skates are the perfect substitute for ice skates. Inline roller skates are difficult to balance as compared to quad skates. These roller skates are composed of a boot worn on the foot, the boot is attached to a frame, which hold the wheel in place. Bearing allows the wheel to rotate freely around an axle. They also have front rubber brake for stopping the skate’s movement. Few examples are:

Recreational inline skates

Fitness inline skates

Roller Hockey inline skates

Racing inline skates

Street skates

Both the categories of skates have unique qualities, the only difference is break system. Stopping in quad skates is done with toes whereas in inline skates, stopping is done via heels. All the above roller skates are made and designed to improve the performance of the skaters. Skates are manufactured according to different requirements of the customers and cater different needs of the buyers. Few roller skates are made for professional purpose whereas few are made for entertainment, fun or casual work out purpose.

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