Why You Should Buy Vegan Products


Being vegan is a preference that is mostly been focused on diet as what most people think. But vegan is not just that, its actually a lifestyle. As you know there are already a ton of consumer products today that are made from animals. From bags, wallets, shoes, makeup, brushes and many more. While for some people it’s okay, it’s not for people that are vegan not just in diet but also in their lifestyle. This is the reason why there are individuals and companies that are doing things their way to make things favorable for their lifestyle.

This is the reason why many vegans are taking measures and making sure that in their own way they can make a difference and some of them used their business as their vehicle for advocacy. Take brushes for example, don’t you know that the most expensive ones, the most popular and the brushes that have the most review are made from animal hair? That’s right and there is even a long history of it no matter what type of brush you’re buying. Whether its a brush for your shoes, for painting, for makeup and so on, the best ones are made from animal hair.

So as most people thought: Most people thought that animal hair is the best thing that has ever happened to brush but with the question, if the animal was really harmed or not during the process in making one, is it really worth it? The facts is there are some practices that harm animals all because of their hair, Animal suffering because of it should be something to be alarmed about. Good thing that there are vegans that are making an initiative to have their own brush products and they’re pretty good at it too!


Their product is better: The fact is there is already a lot of ingenuity that comes out from people that aim to remove the animals from the production and as a result, you get to have synthetic materials that resemble them. And these synthetic items are pretty good as well. Using animal hair isn’t really that safe, there are people that are allergic to it. If you are, then you got other options that are the same or better as any animal hair for a brush out there.

Why should you support them: It’s not about being a vegan, you should support them because its the right thing to do vegan or not. Can you imagine how many animals are harmed so that you could get a very expensive brush? If you buy a synthetic or vegan brush (if you want to call it that):

  • You get to save money
  • Yo gt to save the animals
  • The brushes are easier to clean
  • Friendly to the skin

It’s no secret that the vegan lifestyle is growing not just in food but also in their way of life. Its a choice and many people are doing it because they don’t want to hurt animals and they just don’t want to eat them. Humans have a long history of animal cruelty not just to make them as food but many other things like belts, coats, bags to even brushes. But thanks to technology and people pushing the envelope of creativity to help the animals, there are synthetic products being produced today that replaces that and you can do your share. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan or not, there’s more reason to buy Vegan makeup brushes than buying the ones that have animal hair in them.