Welcome to the Birkenstock Era in Footwear

Few brands in the history of footwear can boast of a legacy that is as rich as Brikenstock from Germany. Ever since 1774, they have managed to make the lives of our customers better and richer. Starting with the invention of footbed, they have relentlessly maintained a reputation with its premium-quality products, offering an alternative for all those who place value on functionality and quality. Even the new Birkenstok sandals are handmade with upto 17 steps involved. They are produced in accordance with the principles of a centuries-old tradition of hand craftsmanship. Whether they are produced by hand or using industrial methods – all Birkenstok products meet the highest quality standards in the shoe industry anywhere in the world.

Birkenstock foot wears have an aesthetic appeal that has a classic look written all over it. It is beyond the appeal of new age models that fade with time. New Birkenstock models are made using natural materials like smooth leather, embossed leather, waxy leather, metallic leather, patent leather, nubuck leather, suede leather, cork, latex and jute. These materials are not used in the products until they meet high quality standards. The quality can also be seen in the choice of leathers. These leathers can be recognised by the typical grain and colours that are visible on the surface. They maintain the individual characters of the natural surfaces and also deeply dye and permeate the leather, instead of covering it up. This allows it to keep all of its valuable, natural properties, such as breathability, longevity and durability.

There are also other positive aspects of the company that account for the brand’s quality. Continuous emphasis on enhancing the technology and use of sophisticated recycling system, works together to maintain the environment for future generations. Birkenstock products are functional, well made and durable. If cared for properly, they are known to last for years. The high level of quality is the result of carefully selected, high-quality materials from sustainable sources that are processed under what are for our brand typically demanding conditions. The most important ingredient for Birkenstock is the detailed knowledge of the human anatomy.

The result is a fit that allows for the greatest amount of freedom while simultaneously providing your feet with exactly the stability they need. An original Birkenstock footbed offers your feet the exact level of support they need when you’re standing or walking. An important point to note in this regard is that your feet are connected to all of the parts of your body that allow you to walk upright. The wrong shoes will lead to constant stress on your entire musculoskeletal system. This can lead to head, back and joint pain as well as problems with your veins and blood circulation. Yet most people only start thinking about this when they are already experiencing problems. A good fit promotes healthy feet. That’s why the original Birkenstock footbed is available in two widths: normal and narrow. The anatomical moldings in the bed support the natural tissue in your feet and provide them with stability and support. Our models are also adjustable. So BIRKENSTOCK sandals and shoes can be adapted to fit to your individual feet. You can feel this in the high level of comfort.

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