Wedding Friendly-Yarra Valley, the place that has it all

Wedding Friendly-Yarra Valley, the place that has it all

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is pegged at around 65000 and 14000 of that is spent on wedding venues. Recently, Historic homes, Barns, and other unusual places are taking center stage and gaining popularity among young couples who want to wed. These reflect their personalities and even tell the story of how they came to be. This development actually helped bring down pricing on wedding venue expenses. More and more people are looking to have this major event in their lives to be as memorable as it can be.

When a couple is engaged and plans their wedding, their first thought revolves around the perfect location for their ceremony. The weddings mood, tone, the look and the feel depends on the location. It is arguably one of the most important decisions a couple can make if they want their wedding to be different and memorable. This item can actually make your wedding the stuff of dreams OR the other way around. Now a place that has it all when it comes to wedding venues is none other than Yarra Valley in Melbourne, Australia.

Yarra Valley Wedding

What does it mean when you say a Yarra Valley Wedding? The place has everything a young couple is looking for. Rustic Farms, Barns, winery, lush greens and a rolling picturesque landscape. These cost between 10-30,000 depending on the number of guests, time of day, day in the week, indoor or outdoor, and other services and extras that are involved. Landscaped gardens and Orchards, Manors, Sprawling estates, Golf courses, Barns, Wineries, Chateaus and Award-winning Restaurants are among your choices. Some of the venues are steeped in rich history dating back to the 1800’s. There is such variety that there is actually a wildlife sanctuary that doubles as a wedding venue for you to enjoy. Let us not forget about the Vineyards, The Yarra Valley is home to some of the best vineyards in the country because of its ideal climate. A wedding in the vineyards, reception in the winery – now that is just a combination to be had! What about having your marriage done in an actual, lovingly restored Fire Brigade House from the 1900’s? That has got to be one for the books! Because of its popularity as a prime location for important events, you can be assured that a Yarra Valley Wedding will have among the very best staff available to cater to the events needs, attentive and well trained.

The Yarra Valley Area is about an hour away from Melbourne, so ensure that this is handled and known by your guests. That is one more thing that separates this location from others, it is rural but not isolated and there is just that built up anticipation from a long drive that you are arriving in a special place.

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