There Needs To Be A Proper Explanation To Everything

There Needs To Be A Proper Explanation To Everything


Whenever a person goes to a store to buy something they are looking for one of two things, the quality of the product and the price of that particular product. After this, everything else is just a bonus that they can choose to take in or just ignore it, if everything else seems to be valid consequence. No one cares about the offers, no one wants to know about the big sale that will only happen if you purchase over a particular big amount. That being said, if people only care about those particular things, then all people would have to do in order to make sure that people buy their product is to give the lowest price possible relative to the one of the competitor and then make sure that the product is of reasonable quality but build an illusion that it is pristine quality and then sell it to the people. All they would do, is to believe it and by definition those two aspects are the only things that they care about right? In comes the modern era, and the age of the internet. The full review of products and other services are and should be posted on the internet for everyone to see, if there is anything wrong with the aspect of the products or service other than the obvious two candidates, then all they would do is to make sure that people read their reviews and then be warned about the possibilities on the flaws of the product.

full review

The Warning

When things are being done on the internet there is a certain transparency about it. Everything can be exposed and said on it and no one can escape from the watchful eyes of the internet and everyone is a critic on the internet due to the fact that people can hide behind their keyboards and do or say whatever they want to do and say. Nowadays the websites that sell products and services have the review options and that allows people to freely say what they feel about the product and service, by giving their full review that has no bias and no agenda behind it as it is common people like you and me. That is what makes the internet so viable and the best at what it does. For allowing things to work in a way that benefits the people more than anything else.


Ideally, there should be an accessible and functional review system in each and every one of the sectors that provide goods and services so that it happens there as well, government offices included but seeing as that will never happen it is pointless to talk about it.

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