The Growth and Emergence of Online Fashion Accessory and Designer Clothes in India

In the last couple of years, buyers in India have embraced the online shopping culture simply because they find it much more convenient and hassle-free as opposed to the traditional methods of shopping. This has led to the emergence of a number of e-commerce stores and online portals that offer a wide range fashion accessory and designer clothes among other products to cater to the requirements of their customers.

The Online Shopping Scenario

Today, one can easily turn to various portals for online clothes shopping or for purchasing a wide range of consumer products such as fashion accessories, household goods & items, grocery items, furniture, beauty products. According to a recent market report, more than 120 million consumers in India will be engaging in online shopping in 2018 alone. This figure definitely indicates that the online shopping market will continue to grow and thrive in the years to come. In fact, a number of people in India are displaying huge interest in purchasing designer clothes and fashion accessory online.

The Growth of Online Fashion and Apparel Industry

One of the reasons why people have become interested online clothes shopping is because of the wide variety of designs, colours and brands that are readily available today. A growing number of apparel manufacturing companies have gauged the fact that people are now interested in purchasing premium range of designer clothes for various occasions and parties. As a result, they are focusing on designing as well as manufacturing a range of designer clothes for men, women and children. Currently, the online fashion & lifestyle market in India is valued at around 100 billion USD and is growing at 810% in terms of CAGR. According to market experts, this segment is expected to go up by 15-20% in another 5 years.

Reasons for Growth

There are many reasons behind the growth of online apparel shopping in India. To begin with, there is a growth of urbanization within the nation. Small cities as well as towns have caught up with the online shopping trend, which until some years ago was restricted to the leading metros only. In addition to this, the easily available low prices mobile phones and smartphones and increased internet penetration has also led to the growth and expansion of online apparel shopping culture. Finally, people in India have become gained much awareness and sensibility around the latest fashion trends and products. From fashion apparels to sportswear, traditional and daily wear, people in India are shopping for a wide range of garments as well as fashion accessories such as bags, sunglasses, jewelry storage box organizer, necklace, shoes and more.

To conclude, an increasing number of foreign brands as well as Indian brands are launching unique and exciting range of clothing as well as fashion accessories to gain the attention of their customers. People in India are also being flooded with exciting discounts, deals and offers on a wide selection of fashion products and accessories, which is precisely why there will be a significant growth in the online apparel and fashion industry in the country in the next few years.

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