Techniques applied to install Goddess braids

Women willing to learn to do their hairstyle on their own which will suit their tastes can go for goddess braids which includes graceful and simple style. These hairstyles are huge braids all twisted together to form a complicated do. Goddess braids pictures will be a great help for the learners.

Installing procedures: The most attractive thing about goddess braids hairstyles is that it won’t require much time and women need not sit for longer durations on a chair for the up dos and comes in affordable price.  The initial step is you have to think about the style of hairstyle you are willing to get with your braids that you want to create with your hair through mapping the sections of the hair. To decide the end look it is important.  Then move forward and separate a medium sized portion of your weave from the natural hair.   Later divide the separated medium sized weave into segments.  Make sure one part is thicker than the other part.  Place the thinner segment over the thicker segment in the form of a loop.  Three parts of hair will be created having sane thickness for all the parts. Then keep the braid complete by tying it with a rubber band or by clipping it with a clip.  Once it is done take your weave and place it in the middle of your parted hair beginning from the hairline.

Braid the hair in such a way as it is done in cornrow.  Make sure you combine the weave with the natural hair. Follow the same till going down the braid length to retain the size and fullness of the braids. Carefully cut the stray weave that strip out of the braids with the help of pair of scissors. Dip the braids in hot water after completing the entire head. This helps in sealing the braids, which in turn protects the braids from unfurling.  Do not use too much hot water while dipping the braids. The style can be finished by fixing the end of the braids in your desired style and then add a small spray of oil based sheen. To get an idea to do the braids you can go through goddess braids pictures.

Type of hair:  Goddess braids are most perfect way to protect the hair as it continues to grow.  It acts as a helmet for the head.  Natural hair or weaves can be used for the goddess braids depending up on the length. Number of hairstyles can be created through goddess braids by combining tiny braids into huge braids or in the form of a large bun and by tying the larger braids into twists.   Creativity plays a major role in goddess braids and is quite popular among women due to its versatility, simplicity, and gracefulness.

Caring:  It will be very easy to care of the goddess braids irrespective of its length and size.  In order to maintain these hairstyles for a minimum of six months spray oil based sheen once or twice a week.  Cover the braids with silk or satin cloth before going to bed every night.


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