Systematic Description of the Top Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Satisfactory Experience

Systematic Description of the Top Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Satisfactory Experience

Vacuum cleaners are the important gadgets that reduces the workload of keeping the home fresh and clean. Among the different types available in the market, the handheld vacuum cleaners are popular. The compact size of the gadget makes it easy to use that helps cleaning narrow spaces like car interiors, stairs, upholstery, etc. The Eureka EasyClean 71B has made a strong impression with its affordable price, durability, and powerful suction. Visit to know more about the product.

Features of the Product

The light-weight vacuum cleaner delivers good performance as it has the following features;

  • Two electric motors

The handheld vacuum cleaner has two (5.5. amp) power motors. The power of the motor is integral in deciding the best gadget. One motor powers the revolving brush and the other helps with the suction. The combination of the motors gives the vacuum cleaner an edge over the others.

  • Revolving Brush

The revolving is adjustable that works according to the application. The feature makes it the top model among the other vacuum cleaners. The rotating brush is suitable to clean vertical places, stairs, etc.


  • Power cord Wrapping Feature

The handheld compact vacuum cleaner offers effective cleaning solution with its attractive feature. The clever design of the product allows the wrapping of powercord around the gadget. As the addition to wrap is at the back, it becomes easy to use the product.

  • On board tools

The vacuum cleaner comes with several attachments that is quite useful. The crevice tool comes with the gadget that helps to clean narrow areas. So, it can clean narrow spaces in furniture that is not possible by conventional tools. It makes it suitable to clearing heavy debris that other models cannot handle.

  • Interior Cleaning

The compact device is the best for cleaning the car interiors that will make it look appealing. The light-weight features reaches the narrow spaces that makes the cleaning chore easier. The long power cord can help reaching into the boot for cleaning effectively.

  • Diverse Surface Cleaning

It can clean diverse areas like carpets, hard floors, etc. The revolving brush helps clean the surface without any damage.

  • New generation dust cup

It has dust cup that is easy to remove with washable design. The special material has anti-stick properties to repel the allergens, dust, and debris from the surface.


  • The model is lightweight that makes it easier to work for a long time.
  • The design is stylish and modern.
  • It is easy to wash and reuse the dust cup.
  • It has two electric motors that will work well for powerful suction and powering revolving
  • It is perfect to clean small spaces.


  • The hairs get clogged in the hose easily.
  • It has a simple air filtration.
  • It takes the filter long time to dry.


The Eureka EasyClean 71B handheld vacuum cleaner is the best among the compact designs as it is ideal for cleaning the cars and smaller areas. It completes all the tasks with less efforts that will save time. The handheld vacuum is the affordable solution with its solid construction that makes it the best buy. Visit to read the unbiased review of the product to make a sensible decision.

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