Some Fine Facts about Titanium and Tungsten Wedding Rings That No One Will Tell You

Titanium or Tungsten? This is a question that young couples opting for an ‘offbeat’ for wedding rings frequently ask. Both Titanium and Tungsten wedding rings are all a rage among women (as well as men). Even if you are in two minds about which one to opt for, it’s time you do a bit of homework.

Titanium vs. Tungsten

Both Tungsten and Titanium are harder than conventional jewelry metals like platinum, silver or gold. Tungsten, which is processed as Tungsten Carbide for the purpose of jewelry making, can be damaged only by extreme abrasion. You can say that Tungsten is the hardest of them all. Again, titanium rings are not only super stylish, but they are safe for almost everyone. It does not lead to an allergic reaction on its wearer. Tungsten Carbide, on the other hand, contains cobalt. It can lead to an allergic reaction in many people.

Titanium Jewelry Tips

You should remember that Titanium wedding rings, being quite hard, cannot be soldered. This means that you cannot resize it easily. In fact, you cannot resize it down in dimension. You can simply resize it by a tiny amount by ‘stretching’ it. So make sure that you take special care while selecting the ring size. In most cases, ladies choosing titanium for wedding ring do not go beyond a width of 3 mm-4 mm. Sometimes, brides prefer pairing a conventional gold ring with that of her titanium beauty. If you too plan to wear two rings together to make your fingers speak for you, then make sure that you choose a very narrow band for the ring. Choose a ring motif that catches your fancy!

Tungsten Jewelry Tips

When it comes to choosing a Tungsten wedding ring, then there are certain things that you need to pay heed to. Firstly, you need to make the most of the uniqueness of Tungsten pieces. By itself, Tungsten is a fabulous and fascinating thing. On its own, Tungsten is a powder. But when you use it to make jewelry, you mix it with an alloy that will bind and shape it. This is exactly what makes tungsten super strong. No wonder tungsten jewelry is a hot favorite among new-age brides, as well as grooms. In fact, couples intending to create a style statement, often coordinate their wedding jewelry with Tungsten. While black tungsten rings remains a top choice among many unconventionally-thinking women, men love adding the metal to their watches, as well as to their wedding rings.

It is also essential that you find a style that creates a statement. Remember that Tungsten is a pretty versatile metal. So you can choose it to complement just about any jewelry styles. Your tungsten wedding ring can be either simple and sleek, or intricate and elaborate in style. You can also engrave your partner’s name with laser engraving machinery. No matter the type and style you choose, make sure that you make a thoughtful choice. Just like your bond with your special other, tungsten jewelry is durable and they are here to stay forever.

Do let us know what you think about these titanium and tungsten rings!


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