Significant Additions for Your Wedding Reception Checklist

If you have a habit of making lists, then congratulations! You already possess the mindset and will power to go through the tedious process of wedding planning. Now, planning the essentials for your big day can be exciting and overwhelming. From choosing the right flowers to hiring a professional DJ like the Ottawa Wedding DJ, it can be a daunting experience. There are too many elements that come into play and going with the flow or committing things to memory will not work in your favor for a plan of this magnitude; even if you try it, you will get lost through the process.

However, through this article, we have got your planning essentials covered. Listed below are some basics that you need to list out for your reception. Read on to know more.

Seating plan:

It’s quite rare that a couple would want a small and intimate dinner party for their wedding reception, but most times, they want a huge party and share the celebration with everyone they know. Hence, a seating style is necessary because it helps guide your guests to their seats. You can create a seating chart that fits the theme of the wedding, or you can display escort cards as well.

Table numbers:

This step comes along with the seating plan; many venues will provide a standard table number option that you can use, but make sure that you check with the place to be sure. You can use a custom table number that perfectly suits your wedding theme.

Get professionals on board:

Ensure that you invest in a good DJ, like Ottawa Wedding DJ, photographers and videographers, and caterers. These elements are essential if you want to create a night that you will treasure forever. By hiring a good DJ, you will ensure that your guests and your significant other will have a fantastic time, dancing the night away.

Guest Book:

Some traditions are worth keeping. You can place a guest book at the entrance of the venue and guests can pen down their name and well wishes. This is a great souvenir that you can include in your treasure trove of memories.

Cake topper and serving set:

What’s better than having a beautiful cake? Well, it’s having a gorgeous cake topper. You can pick something that reflects you as a couple or go for something that fits the theme. Don’t forget to add a cake knife and server set for the “sweet” tradition.

Toasting flutes:

This is a reigning tradition that is a vital element for a great wedding reception. The toasting of you and your significant other needs to be done with a stylish set of toasting flutes that look great on your big day and that you can enjoy once the wedding ceremonies are done.

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