Printing Out Company Shirts

Nowadays, most companies prefer to have uniforms for the purpose of having a uniform and cohesive standard of privileges for all the workers. It is also a major advertising plan that most companies engage in, to help them market their brand to the world at large.

Printing company shirts is one key area of interest that you should be concerned as a business owner. Printed shirts can mess up the branding strategy of your company, and it would be important if the printing process was handled by professional people. Here are some of the preferences that will provide you with the best outcome for printed company shirts.

Cotton is the Preferred Fabric

There are many reasons why cotton would be the best fabric to use in printing your company shirts. Pure cotton ensures that the design, logo and any inscriptions are visible and clear after they have been printed. They are also good in retaining the color of their print, such that they do not easily fade. In case you will need to print over seams and edges, necessary caution will be needed to ensure that the printing is properly done. However, the good thing with cotton is that it allows you the flexibility to work things out perfectly.

Consider the Color of your Design

There are many reasons why your design color should be considered well enough. It would not be of use if the color design had colors that do not match up. When colors are not properly considered, things might get worse to the extent of poorly blending with each other. One of the greatest ways to work with colors is to use the distressed style which can work well with an all over the screen type of printing.

Proof Check Your Design

The cost of correcting a mistake in the design can cost a lot of money, to the contractor and to the company as well. To ensure that things turn out as planned; ensure that you countercheck the designs you need. Make sure that they are all as you wanted them to be.

Understand how easy or complicated your design is. Knowing the level of complication of your design will mean that the design may not flow as well as it is needed to flow. It is very possible for inconsistencies in the design, especially if it is complicated.

The General Color of the Shirt

This is another important consideration to worry about in your work. One of the easiest ways to keep in good terms with colors is to work with simple primary colors that are easy to work with. It is important that you involve the popular opinion of company workers in choosing a color that will not be hard to maintain or work with. Colors can affect the moods of people and you should therefore opt for a friendly color.


You might as well opt to get the general size of your employees before you work out their size. This is because; overly large shirts will not feel professionally right to the people who wear them. At the same time, it will seem rude for people to squeeze themselves into small herreskjorter


Flexibility allows you to work with what you have, and this should be in a rational scale. At times, designs may not come in as you wanted them to be, though the end product of a printing process can come out fine enough for you. Ensure that you keep up with the printing team and keep asking for mock prints, to ensure that you get the exact product for what you are looking for. Professional shirt printers have the experience to tell you of potential challenges that you may encounter when starting the whole process.

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