Luggage innovation at its best

Bags are a way of helping people carry their luggage with convenience. While this might be true to some extent, bags can also give people a lot of inconvenience especially if the bags they carry are pretty heavy. People like students and professionals go through this every day when they go to their respective schools or places of work.

It is with this sole reason why Zuca bags were created in the first place. A bag with unique characteristics that will give you a space to put all of your stuff in and has the ability to be carried anywhere with ease and convenience, this is what the people need, an alternative and easy solution to luggage problems. Its uniqueness definitely stands out among the rest of the competition and is proving to be one of its best selling points.

 Unique build and functionality 

The Zuca bags are mainly composed of two major parts which are the “insert”, or in simpler terms, the bag, and the frame, where you place the insert in. The frame has wheels attached to the bottom so it makes it easier for you to push or pull the luggage especially if you are carrying heavy loads. This is especially useful as well as helpful to people with chronic back problems and can’t seem to carry heavy loads for long periods of time without feeling pain. The bag also doubles as a seat if in any case you find yourself in a situation where you need to sit down but there is a significant lack of seats.

Full reign over customizability 

Of course, you’d want to have a bag that looks great and suits your taste as well. you can definitely do that with Zuca, they have over a hundred designs for you to choose from for the inserts as well as around 8 available colours for the frames, you can mix and match as much as you like, given that you have possibly over a thousand combinations to choose from. You can definitely make a bag look as unique as the concept of the bag itself.

Changing time 

Of course as time goes by, your style preference might change, and so your design for the bag might change as well. Instead of buying a whole new set, you can actually just buy the parts that you want to change. The parts are usually sold separately so you won’t have any problem. Whether you’d want to change just the insert, you can do so by selecting a new design from the hundreds of choices available, same goes for the frames. As for wheel replacements, you can actually buy them separately as well so you’d have no need to buy a new frame just so you can have new wheels.

All in all, the Zuca bags are at the front line of luggage innovation and are proving to be very effective with their strategy. The usefulness as well as the convenience offered combined with the freedom to choose from over a thousand design combinations is proven to be a successful recipe for the brand.


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