Know About the Viking Jewelry

The Vikings were fierce warriors who were brutal. Their images of wars, and invasion of foreign lands by travelling through ships are all famously portrayed in various films. In reality, the Vikings were not just mad about wars. They also loved looking good and showing off by wearing ornaments. Their jewelry was made using gold or silver and had several unique designs. Their ornament collection included neck rings, arm rings and brooches. Earrings and finger rings were not so commonly used by the Vikings. Out of the ornaments used, the brooches were one of their favorites. The viking necklace is one whose designs have been used for making jewelry today. That are widely bought and worn Bay many today. To buy them, all one has to do is find an online store that sells such ornaments, book them online and pay the amount. All of these can be done quickly and in a few clicks.

Now, to tell about the Viking jewelry. The Vikings made their ornaments by making a wax mold and then pouring the metal on to it. Once the metal cools down, the wax mold is then broken and disposed. This mold was quite famous among the people as the “lost wax”. The Vikings created simple ornaments with attractive designs. visit their website to know more

Here are some of the most commonly used ornaments by the Vikings.

  • Pendants and amulets

From the hoards discovered from different places, several of them had pendants. There were many that was in the shape of a hammer. It is believed that this was to denote the hammer of Thor, the God of thunder.

  • Brooches

Brooches we’re widely used by the Vikings and they were among the pieces of jewelry that these folks were mostly fond of. The main purpose of the brooches we’re to hold clothes together. Guess that was why they loved the brooches very much!

  • Necklaces or neck rings

These were ornaments that were won by the Vikings to show off their wealth and high status. The viking necklace had simple designs, but we’re very attractive. The neck rings which we’re made out of silver and worn by the people were used as currency. The people used to hack off pieces of the neck rings and then trade them for things they wanted to buy.

Several hoards discoveries show that the Vikings had a huge love for jewelry too. Though there are a lot of things about them which yet have to be revealed, their was truly and interesting story. The necklaces with Viking designs are now high on demand. They cost less than that of the ones made of other precious metals, but stand out due to their unique but eye-catching design.

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