How to pick the right men’s winter coat

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Now that winter is in full force, it’s officially ‘big coat’ weather. But with so many styles on the market, it can be hard to find the right one for you.

Matching style with functionality is essential when it comes to winter coats, and with an article in The Guardian suggesting that the coat you pick will say a lot about your personality, it’s important to find one that matches your style as well as your needs. Here are just a handful of the best coats on the market today and where you can find them.

The Parka

Synonymous with 90s Britpop, the humble parka actually has a long and varied history. Originating from the Arctic, its iconic fur hood makes it a coat that is casual and grungy while also being timeless and stylish. Most importantly, it is the right jacket for keeping you warm on those cold snowy mornings.

Bomber Jackets

Although mens designer jackets don’t fall under the same cosy remit as a winter coat, padded bombers can still offer a lot of warmth. Historically these jackets (worn by pilots) were crafted from leather with fleece interiors. Over time their design has changed to offer the same warmth with less bulkiness.

Single- and Double-Breasted

A single-breasted jacket is a wonderfully versatile winter coat that can be teamed with jeans and a polo shirt just as well as a smart suit. Elegantly chic, single-breasted jackets come in a variety of lengths, styles and designs. Their flattering nature can also elongate the body shape of men of all sizes.

Similarly, a double-breasted jacket will flatter the taller man and is often a thicker and warmer affair – more like a traditional overcoat.

Quilted Coat

No, we’re not talking about the fluorescent puffa jackets from the 90s, but the type of padded jackets that can go from the winter sports scene to the high street. These type of jackets, such as those from, are cool, casual and comfortable – a must-have for the ski slopes this winter.

Trench Coat

Something about the style of the trench coat still screams old school glamour, but this style is also highly practical. Waterproof and lightweight, it’s a great outer layer that will keep you warm, dry and covered from head to toe (almost).

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