While we are looking at the rollers, we can differentiate that in two ways, such as with heat and without heat. Let us discuss about how to use rollers and how it is working to roll our hair. If you are going to use heat, try to be with the curling iron, foam roller, or the heated rollers. Try to ensure that you should not follow the non-heat method like wetting the hair, and then using fine tooth comb on order to get out knots. This is because if you are using wet hair and use this heat to roll your hair, then it will burn your hair.

Another danger thing with this heated rollers is that over use of the heat can cause damage to your hair, you have to ensure that whether you are using the strong conditioner which will strengthen and revitalize your hair, so that this will withstand the repeated heat treatments. If you decided to use the heat method to your hair, then be sure to apply the conditioner spray before applying heat into your hair. You can also use heat shielding conditioner while you are using the heated roller or the curling iron.

When you want to set your hair with the roller, then you should first use the clips to divide the hair into lots of sections, so that this will help you to finish the work easily. The best place to start first is back, try to pull your hair into many sections which are right size on both sides. If you want to get big curls, then use big roller. If you want just small curls, of course you can go with smaller sections. Now try to divide the back, on both the sides in the front as well as back of your ears, so this is easily accessible.

Once you have done all these things, try to separate each area of curling by just taking the comb and using this try to divide into fine top layers. Now, starting with the ends, wind the locks over rollers. These locks may even wound evenly and they also fastened securely with the help of bobby pins if you want even look even at top. At the same time, use the same size rollers all over the head in order to have even look. For the layered hair, in order to achieve the tapering styles, then use the big rollers on the sides and back and the little ones for top as well as for front parts.

At last, wrap the hair around the rollers; now do this again and again for rest of the hair in the section like mentioned above, now it is time to go to the sides of hair, and you should make sure whether it is firmly wrapped. Like mentioned in the above article, try to use the rollers in safe manner. You should know about these things before using it.

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