Earrings types and techniques for ear piercing

Earrings were the most popular form of the jewelry in the ancient era. The archaeologist has evidence that around 2500 B.C.E also women used to wear earrings. Earrings were usually made up of gold, silver, and metal. But now a day’s vast range of earring is available in the market.

The term earring refers to the ornament that is attached with earlobes. Both Men and women have been practicing ear piercing by ceremonial or common reasons. Previously people used to have one earlobe pierced, but nowadays people have multiple piercing in both the ears. Also, a person could have thirty plus piercing. Find below different types of earrings:

1)      Standard Pierced earrings: This category has standard pierced earnings. Both modern and traditional women like to pierce their earlobes so that they can wear a beautiful and stunning earring. Under this category, there are so many subcategories defined as per individual’s requirement. Such as statement earrings, hoop earrings, drop, dangle, barbell and quilling earring.

2)      Clip on or non-piercing earring:  Non-piercing earrings are commonly used ear pieces. When some women or men do not want to have piercing, they go for non-pierced earrings. There are several types of non-pierced earrings are available in the market like magnetic earrings, stick on, ear screws and cuffs.

3)      Permanent earrings: However modern era has designed earning based on easy to remove prospect, but they were once used as the representor of slavery. People used to have permanent hoops earring that represented their ownership. They were harmful because of direct and continuous contact with the metal with a body. Besides this permanently locking earring are also available in the market.

Techniques for piercing

Different types of methods are used by the people to get the piercing. Some prefer to use house hold item, or some use specialized equipment method to do the same. Before checking how to sell quilling earrings online, one must know all the techniques used for the piercing:

1)      Home based method:  This method involves needle as the punching object, match box and alcoholic liquid for disinfection and a partially soft object as a push object. The home based method is not used frequently by the people as it has some limitation.

2)      Sharpened spring-loaded earrings: This method was adopted by individuals nearly 1960’s. Sharpened spring was the object used to do the piercing.  Sometimes it needs extra pressure to complete the work. After some time people neglected this technique as other prevalent methods were available in the market.

3)      Ear piercing gun: This method is generated by the physicians. Today numbers of people use this method to do ear piercing. The majority of instruments are made of the plastic. This means they can be sterilized before the used. For healing earlobe, piercing performed by this method usually takes six to seven weeks. This method is an entirely accepted by the people and known as one of the best methods for piercing.

Religious views: In India, most of the families have a religious ceremony for ears piercing. This custom takes place when girl or boy becomes five years old. Similar customs are experienced in other countries also such as Sri Lanka and Nepal.


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