Different types of lenses

Different types of lenses

Eye sight problem is a major issue. People feel uncomfortable to see things clearly. Scientists use lenses in order to make them visibly look clearly.A lens is a translucent piece of glass that is trimmed well. This will form a curve at the bottom of the glass lens. This lens changes focal length of the eye and thus focus the image clearly. The lens works by the method called refraction. It will bend the light rays as per they strike on it. It will pass through them and make a change in the direction. The rays come from a closer point thus makes the object clearly visible. There are two major types of lenses and they are

  • Convex lens
  • Concave lens

Now even one more type of lens has been added to the list. It is a sunglass lens. New variety of prescription sunglass lenses are getting really popular. Whatever the requirement might be, once you specify it they will make it possible. You can select the sunglass frames and types so that you can use the lens you need with the style you want.

prescription sunglass lenses

Convex lenses

In general convex lens helps to combine the light rays. It will converge all the light rays and make things visible. It will mainly focus at the focus point.Numerous varieties of lenses available over the stores and online. There are parallel light rays enter convex lens and bend such that meet the same focal point. These convex lens are best example for telescopes and binoculars.

Concave lenses

Concave lens are generally called the diverging lens. It works just opposite to that of a convex lens. It will bring all the parallel light rays and spread outwards to the image. This lens is mostly used in the objects like television projectors or flashlight mirrors.Also the concave lens weigh more than other lenses. As they are combination of two curved glasses on opposite sides.

Compound lenses

Some people have a problem relevant to both focal point as well as outward images. In such cases, they will be prescribed with a compound lens. Compound lens is nothing but a combination of both convex and concave lenses. When a lens uses two or more lenses together to get good focus of image then it is called a compound lens.

Wearing a lens with power prescribed makes people uncomfortable. Also they become a victim for others to make fun. To avoid such problems you can just use the prescription sunglass lenses. It is a form of sunglass used to get proper focus of image with specified power and at the same time you can use it without hesitation. They look stylish on you and gives you more confidence.

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