Counseling: Doubts and Myths

Counseling can help you understand about your problems and the way you feel towards anything. Some people find it hard to behave themselves towards others during stressful or confusing situations. This is where lifemade conscious can help you.Click this link here now to find out more about us. Any positive approach towards anything and everything you do is something you need to take care of in today’s world. If you are finding it very hard to develop a positive attitude and behavior towards anything, it is better to undergo counseling. But you might have several questions about counseling, especially when you have not attended a session before. So here we are, answering some of the commonly asked questions about counseling.

How to find a counselor?

There are a lot of counselors out there happy to lend a helping hand. So finding yourself a counselor might be a messy task. There are counselors for everything – be it mental issues, behavioural issues or relationship issues. So finding a therapist who is a specialist in their field is a difficult task.


What are the different types of counselors?

Psychiatrists, health counselor, behavior therapist etc. are all different types of counselors. They understand your behavior and approach towards everything you do and help you in making important decisions, thereby helping you transform into a new individual. Click this link here now to find out about the counselors we have at life made conscious.

What to expect from a counselor?

 When you talk to a counselor, there is an important rule that you need to keep in mind. Always be honest. The therapists understand the fact that attending a counseling session is no easy thing to do. So they give you some time to adjust. They do not expect you to share everything honestly the first time you attend a session (the therapist is a stranger after all!). But once you start getting comfortable with your counselor, there is no stopping. The more you get comfortable, the more stories you share and the more beneficial the session is. The more time you spend with your therapist, the happier person you will be.

How long does a counseling session last?

A counseling session may last anywhere between 30 minutes to 60 minutes. It may even be longer. In most of the cases, the session ends when the patient becomes uncomfortable. Usually, people have sessions a couple of times a week. Sometimes, people tend to attend sessions for a couple of hours more. Click this link here now to find out what we have to offer. All of life made conscious’ therapists are professionals and they are pretty much good at what they do. Book a session now!

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