Choosing Safe Kids Sports Toys

You surely want to buy your cute little munchkin a toy that can give her so much fun riding or using, but you may want to consider the safety features as well. Don’t you know, thousands of children these days deal with toy-related accidents and injuries?

Kids playing sports toys

It is definitely a challenge making your kids’ playtime fun and safe. Aside from the quality materials, you also need to check the brand or manufacturers, like the kids sports toys available at Step2 Direct, to help narrow down a bit your search.

Relieve your shopping stresses! We’ve rounded up some safe kids sports toys shopping tips for your next purchase!

  • The toy should be appropriate for the age of your child. For infants and toddlers, avoid balls, marbles, and other rounded-shaped toys (especially those small ones) as they can pose a choking threat to your little one. If you have a preschooler, do not buy him toys that have sharp points and edges.
  • Toys with small magnets, loose magnets, or magnetic parts should be avoided particularly for toddlers because they can be swallowed – causing an intestinal blockage or other severe problems.
  • If your kid is still at the stage of pulling, twisting, or prodding toys, look for a quality one with tightly secured parts.
  • Do not buy toys that are made of brittle, thin plastic that could leave pointy edges or easily break into tiny pieces.
  • Consider the interests, abilities, and skills of the kid when choosing a toy. Feels like he enjoys playing basketball? Or, he prefers holding a soccer ball?
  • Be aware of the long-handed sports toys as they can lead to a significant trauma to the eyes of a kid.
  • When planning to purchase a scooter, skates, bicycle or any other sporting items, don’t forget the helmet and proper safety pads. Ensure your younger one wears them.
  • Always check the toy for breakage, small parts, and possible risks, like sharp edges or loose parts. Do not buy toys that have already damaged.

Play to encourage development

“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood…” – Friedrich Froebel

It is recommended to choose a toy that can stimulate his vision as well as improve his coordination. Toys with bright main colors and contrasting patterns are better as they help stimulate visual development, while toys that need eye tracking (e.g. beading projects, marble runs, racetracks) are good for developing hand-eye coordination.

Adult supervision is highly crucial!

While your kids enjoy the mental and physical benefits of a sports toy, make sure you always supervise him or her. This is especially important for mixed aged groups in which children could get their hands on the toys of older ones. Other must-have items are the protective polycarbonate sports glasses, especially if your kids are playing baseball or tennis, or other high-speed ball-sports.

Regardless of your sports toys needs, you can also buy the best slides for kids at Step2 Direct, or other toys – all at reasonable prices! Each item is thoroughly crafted to offer fun and enjoyment among kids while helping to develop their mental and physical abilities.

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