Birmingham’s funniest shop names

Birmingham is widely regarded as one of the UK’s friendliest and most popular cities. As the official second city, it is a year-round tourist destination that attracts some of the best names and companies across a variety of industries.

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The ‘Brummie’ sense of humour is perhaps especially well known, and never has this been so obvious than in some of the city’s most humorous shop names. Whether with puns, word play or simply creative spelling, there is no better way to get customers through the door than with a smile on their face.

According to a recent report, Birmingham is the most popular city of choice for those moving out of London.

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The warmth and humour of Birmingham and its surrounding areas is well-embodied by some of the funniest shop names:

Where can I find a Birmingham serviced apartment

Hook, Line and Sinker

This modern fish and chip shop is a local favourite.

Happy Sole

Located on Bridge Street in Stourport-on-Severn, this popular fish and chip shop always puts a smile on customers’ faces.

Melon Cauli

Located on Beacon Road in Hampstead, this local greengrocer gets top marks for originality and humour.

Peter’s Pan

This is a popular takeaway on Barnt Green’s Hewell Road – eat there and you may never grow up!

Only Food and Sauces

Cannock Road’s cleverly-named takeaway would even impress Del Boy and Rodney!

Barkin Mad

What else could Barkin Mad be other than a lively and exotic pet shop?

Balti Towers

This popular Indian restaurant on Long Lane in Halesowen surely has far fewer disasters than its counterpart namesake Fawlty Towers.

Curl Up and Dye

A hair and beauty shop with a great location and a hilarious name.


What better name for the most popular Friday fried food treat – fish and chips?

Our Plaice

Get cosy and feel welcome at this fish and chip shop on Hagley’s Worcester Lane.

Why not visit Birmingham and see whether you can spot any great names of your own? The city boasts a warm and lively combination of humour, culture and attractions to keep any visitor happy.

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