A Retail Store’s Guide to Identifying Different Types of Display Cases

When you see a cabinet with a transparent glass or plastic surfaces with objects inside, you are looking at a display case. A display case is used to feature different objects for viewing. It can be called display cabinet or showcase cabinet. You will see it in houses, exhibition, museum, restaurant and retail stores.

Speaking of retail stores, you have to know that display cases come in different styles, sizes, and shapes. Choosing the right one may be overwhelming but you can make a decision by knowing other things about cases. To get started, you have to know the different types of cases. The different types include:

Jewelry display case

If you have a jewelry store, you need to showcase it to the customers. You have to neatly organize it to make it appealing to the customers. Showcasing pieces of jewelry is risky that is why choose a display case with a lock to make sure your valuables are safe. The display case is designed to keep the dust out together with other things like liquid and humidity. For jewelry, you also need to consider lighting as it can bring out the best in your pieces.

Tower display case

Tower displays are actually the most versatile. Whether you want to put it in the office or your home, there is something for you. Tower display case is usually freestanding, which can be put anywhere in the room. The best thing about tower display is its beautiful finish. There are other display towers that are wall-mounted. Whatever you choose, for sure the spot will be transformed elegantly. Towers come with top lights and sidelights.

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Wall display case

If you want your product to be visible at all times, a wall display case can be utilised. Wall display case is good for product presentations. Consider a case with adjustable shelves and lock. Most companies use wall display case to store their trophies and other company memorabilia.

Horizontal display case

A horizontal display case is versatile. You can choose how you want to present your items. Whether you want to highlight one layer or all layers, it is up to you. It can come in different designs also like Contemporary, Museum, Queen Anne and Traditional.

Cash wrap display case

Your retail store should have a checkout counter and register stand. The good news is that there is cash wrap display case that you can consider.

Store fixtures

If you have coffee shops, you may need a custom-made display case. Considering this kind of display case is practical especially if you cannot find ready-made ones. The custom-made fixture will depend on the specifications you need.

Now that you know the different types of cases, you can make a decision which one to choose that will best suit your retail store. The good thing about these cases is that you can buy online. Buying online is convenient and cheaper than any other stores. The challenge is picking the right seller. When choosing for the seller, you should read the reviews because it can give you an idea of how the sellers conduct their business.

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