5 Work wear Classics to Rock This Season

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Men, this is for you. We’ve compiled a definitive guide to rocking the best in office wear this season, so get shopping.

Dressing for the office is a piece of cake, right? You grab a hold of your trousers, wear a white full sleeved shirt, slap on your leather shoes and make your way to the office. But dressing for the office in a slapdash fashion does nothing for your appearance or your morale. In fact, office dressing is not really about fitting in, it is about standing out with classic silhouettes and styles.

Most places of work today have their own dress codes, and wearing denim jeans, tees and cutoff shorts to the office is just not acceptable. So you have to fall back on boring formal trousers and shirts. But there are ways to spice up your wardrobe – try different fits and colours, and get a more fitted wardrobe to accentuate your body.

Here’s our style guide to classic workwear with a twist:

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  1. Trousers. Trousers are a fundamental element of classic office wear, and you must own several pairs of trousers with a crisp inseam, a good fit around the hips, and the right length. There’s no need to go down the old baggy trousers route. Get yourself some stylish slim fit chinos or regular fit trousers from Wills Lifestyle online shopping sites, or a pair of Pantaloons formal trousers. Good colours for the office are black, navy blue, deep green, khaki and grey.
  2. Slim fit shirts. After trousers, it is important to get your shirt game on point. Shirts define your upper body and show it to its advantage. A well-fitting shirt does wonders for your silhouette and enhances the shape of your shoulders and waist. Invest in a series of slim fit shirts from brands like Arrow, Pantaloons, Wills Lifestlyle online shopping, etc. Slim fit shirts look best on men with thin waists and shoulders broader than the hip length. If you have a slightly rounded midriff and narrow shoulders, pair your slim fit shirt with straight cut pants.
  3. Blazers and jackets. Every man needs a good suit in his wardrobe. But there is really no need to go the whole nine yards when it comes to suits – you don’t really need a three-piece suit for work. A chic blazer in different colours, or a smartly cut jacket should suffice. Pair your blazer or jacket with slim fit trousers in a contrasting colour. Good colours for your jacket are deep green, navy blue, slate or charcoal grey.
  4. Brogues and Oxfords. It is said that manners make tha man – and so do his shoes. You may not be aware of this, but the first thing most people notice about you are your shoes. Scruffy and old shoes create a poor impression, never mind how smartly tailored the rest of your ensemble is. So do yourself a favour and buy a few pairs of formal Oxfords and brogues for work. Both shoe styles go well with all the clothes in your wardrobe. Plus, they transition seamlessly between workwear and casual wear.
  5. Shoulder bags. If you’re still carrying a briefcase or a rucksack to work, please don’t. In the interests of sharp dressing for the office, please pick a few good shoulder bags for yourself. They look hip, they are roomy enough to hold all your stuff, and they go well with any kind of clothing you have on.
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